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Birthdate:Dec 14, 1991
Website:My Space in Time (Flavors.Me)
I'm a spazzy, loving, fangirling Aspie who is 19 years old, bisexual and bigender.

Interests (137):

"tales of" series, 07-ghost, allen walker, anime, art, bakuman, bl, black butler, blaine anderson, bleach, blue exorcist, books, bowling for soup, cats, chris colfer, claymore, collecting, cooking, crimson shell, d.gray-man, darren criss, darren hayes, digimon, dogs: bullets and carnage, dolphins, dragons, drawing, drrr, durarara!!, ed elric, elleo, elliot nightray, eternal sonata, evanescence, fantasy, fullmetal alchemist, gaming, gay rights, gems, giloz, glee, golden sun, hetalia, inukag, inuyasha, j-rock, japan, japanese, jun mochizuki, kanda yuu, kekkaishi, kida masaomi, kidamika, kirby, klaine, klonoa, kouaya, kouga, koumei, kuroshitsuji, kurt hummel, latin, lavi, laviyuu, leo, letter bee, linkin park, manga, matsushita yuya, mirsan, mochizuki jun, motoi sakuraba, mythology, nabari no ou, namco, neil patrick harris, new found glory, nickelback, nightwish, no bra, norwegian, orihara izaya, oz vessalius, ozbert, pandora hearts, persona 4, phil collins, pokemon, polish, psycho busters, raigau, reading, revolutionshipping, rise against, rock music, rpgs, ruins, savage garden, sci-fi, sebbyciel, seinen, sessrin, shaman king, shizaya, shounen, shounen-ai, simple plan, skillet, sonic the hedgehog, soul eater, spice and wolf, starfox, tales of phantasia, tales of symphonia, tales of the abyss, tales of vesperia, teen titans, tegami bachi, the inheritance cycle, thiefshipping, three days grace, troy baker, troy baker's voice, video game remixes, video games, werewolves, witch hunter, within temptation, wolves, writing, yaoi, yoiharu, yu-gi-oh!, yuri lowell, yuya matsushita, yuyu hakusho, zazie

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